12:36 – Performance by Anomia

I count the tangerines on Kallidromiou Street, I count the curve of your waist, I measure the thickness of the wall, I count the chairs between us, I measure the handle of my bathroom door, I count the balconies from the basement to the 5th floor, I count the holes in your sock, I count the popcorn eaten by the person behind me, I measure the light from the keyboard, I measure the temperature of your body, I count the scent of jasmine, I count the steps to get there, I count what I forgot, I count what has diminished, I count the anthem of freedom, I count the alarms that rang, I count your shame. And mine.
Idea & production: ANOMIA
Performers: Evi Psaltou, Vassia Zorbali, Eleonora Spyropoulou