Festival 2016 – the Report

15 – 18 December 2016


“Tagged” in a changing world

Euroman by Gabriel Tzafka (Greece) got the BBB Best Film Prize 2016 at the 7th BBB Short Film Festival that took place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 15 to 18 of December. With title “Tagged” in a changing world, BBB brought at Vlaikova Cinema in Sofia a wide selection of short films representing the notion of Identity in the contemporary world. Local community as well as international audience warmly welcomed BBB Festival showing great interest upon new generation Balkan cinema.


The Competition Programme consisted of 40 films that were selected out of 200 valid entries from 38 countries. We had the pleasure to present films by film makers from non-Balkan countries that were made in the Balkans or inspired by the Balkans. As part of the Special Programme, BBB shedding light in a different country every year, it dedicated the BBB Focus 2016 to the Dutch contemporary short film industry with a collection of films from GoShort Film Festival in Nijmegen.

Euroman, by Gabriel Tzafka, Greece (prod. Denmark), according to our Jury, takes as a theme the idea of how a successful “Euroman” should live like and with subtle ironic makes a cinematographic metaphor of today’s lack of real values. Throughout the film the audience gets hints that this is only on the surface, and that reality isn’t as nice as he would like it to appear. Through the use of great cinematography that puts the viewer at a distance, and small hints of humor, we built towards a climax where the true story is revealed. In the end the film also works as a strong metaphor for the financial and political crisis. Best Film Prize included the BBB Award a creation by Nina Aspeta and Production Services by Slice LTD Production company.


The audience that visited the Festival voted for the film At the border by Laurent Rouy (France), Fiction, prod. Serbia. The film is placed in 2022 at the Serbian border where Arnaud, a young French man, is in love with Jelena but he is not allowed to enter the country. He will do everything he can to get across. Best Film Prize included the BBB Award a creation by Nina Aspeta , a Photo Camera by Lomography Greece and 100 euros.


BBB Team gave its own award to the greek film Yelena, drama, by Dimitris Abatzis, a new emerging film maker for its scenario/plot. BBB Team Prize awards the amount of 100 euros to the winner.


BatmobileDeyan Bararev (Boulgaria) Comdey-Drama

According to our Jury member Dimitris Argyriou, it explores and portraits the special bond between a father, a son and… a car in a very touchy way


Half – Half, Eva Matarranz and Florence Guenaut (Slovenia), Documentary

According to our Jury member Antonia Milcheva, this film distinguishes for its complete and simple cinematographic form, the delicate approach to the protagonists and the way film’s subject refers to the theme


The Vast Landscape – Porcelain Stories, Lea Vidakovic (Croatia) Animation

According to our Jury member, it is a film that is not afraid to take it’s time and ask the audiences patience. But in return you get beautiful images and a great atmosphere.


Winning films will be screened in other events and activities of the organization as well as at other collaborating Festivals. BBB continues its journey in the Balkans having its next stop and topic to be announced soon.