In order to meet its goals, BBB builds upon 4 axes of activities:

Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival

Focusing on the Art of Short Film and New Media, BBB’s flagship activity is the “Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival”, which is an annual thematic short-film festival that takes place in a different Balkan city every year engaging new audiences and promoting an inter-balkan cooperation. The Film Festival celebrates Balkan diversity and engages audience and creators to reflect on pressing contemporary issues through the medium of short film. It boosts parallel initiatives, such as photo exhibitions, visual art events, workshops, discussions and music, which aim to provide a rich cultural experience.


Young individuals up to 30 years old from different countries of Southeast Europe meet in different cities of the Balkan region to Live, Experience, and Create Together. The workshops take place under the umbrella of the current Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival annual theme. The workshops are BBB’s real ground of cooperation and solidarity.


Using the short films of BBB Festival and Wroskhops, Balkans Beyond Borders co-organises interactive seminars and conferences targeting young people of diverse fields in order to trigger dialogue, motivation and inspiration. The BBB seminars give students the opportunity to come closer to the ‘Balkans’ as an academic field of study and a subject of politics while becoming familiar with the social and cultural public space of the region.


Balkans Beyond Borders has invested time and effort in creating a network of young active and creative people from the Balkans and beyond in order to support and promote the BBB idea in the EU. At BBB we strive to encourage interaction and dialogue. We work to reach and engage with individuals interested in BBB’s activities and objectives who can help us raise awareness about the organisation, its goals and ideas in their respective country/region. We believe it is essential to have people on the ground who help us to establish that dialogue and cooperation by actively taking part and ownership in our various initiatives. In order to achieve that we take part in Εuropean programmes for culture, youth and education!