Announcement- 13th BBB Short Film Festival ‘Untiling the mosaic’ – Athens Edition


1 – 4 December 2022

13th BBB Short Film Festival – Athens Edition

The 13th BBB Short Film Festival – Athens Edition ‘Untiling the mosaic’ comes to Athens from the 1st to the 4th of December at Trianon cinema. After the 13th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival in Bitola, North Macedonia, this October, the festival travels back to its hometown, Athens, under the Twin Cities approach it follows since 2021. During the 1st and 4th of December, the 13th BBB Short Film Festival – Athens Edition, will develop upon its multi-thematic character, which includes the competition programme, tribute screenings, audiovisual and performing arts, workshops, discussions and events. 

The festival’s theme this year is titled ‘Untiling the mosaic’ and builds upon notions of identity, diversity, inclusivity and visibility. By seeing the world as a mosaic structured with an abundance of tiles which are different to each other, we get the opportunity to observe each tile separately but also in the context of the world’s mosaic. In ‘untiling’, in de-constructing, lies the opportunity to re-structure and re-build the mosaic of our social reality.

Let’s take a closer look at the programme: The Competition programme ‘untiles the mosaic’ with the screening sessions: ‘alone/together’, ‘where do i belong?’, ‘alone in your own decisions’, ‘growing’, ‘work duty’ and ‘diary’. Following the Twin Cities approach we strive to bridge together Bitola in North Macedonia and Athens in Greece, under a special screening segment titled ‘BBB & co: Let’s grow together’, with films from North Macedonia and Greece. In collaboration with Cinedays festival and the Embassy of North Macedonia in Greece, BBB will screen North Macedonian films as well as films co-produced by the Greek Film Center. Alongside those segments, a special screening session & open discussion titled ‘peoples in movement – moving images’ will be held in collaboration with KARPOS and showcases five short films created by young refugee people, who were students in film workshops. Last but not least, the NGO KINITRO will offer an empowerment discussion and workshop, titled #IamRemarkable. inviting 5 remarkable “identities” who will share with us their excellence of existing in our society’s mosaic.

On Saturday, December 3d ‘Untiling the mosaic – LABS’ will take place. Through a variety of performing arts workshops participants will get to explore the limits of their own body and its interrelation with the other. To find out more about the workshops and apply here.

The dance and movement workshop day will conclude with the contemporary dance performance ‘EXODUS’, by DAGIPOLI DANCE Co at 19:00.


Stay tuned and join the BBB experience!

Venue: Trianon Cinema

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