BBB Bests 2021 go to Montenegro as a pre-festival activity for the BBB Montenegro edition 2023

Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival celebrates Balkan diversity and brings its winning shorts of the 12th edition to Bar in Montenegro (Cultural Center Bar) on Sunday, 8th May in cooperation with the organization Ficus from Montenegro. The event will feature the 5 winners of the 12th edition of BBB Short Film Festival which took place in Pristina in 2021 and had as topic: Skin to (Screen to) Skin.

The screening programme will consist of the following awarded short films:

➡️ Where are you now? Eneos Çarka, Albania (Special Mention) –> 8min

➡️Climate Change: Yasemin Demirci, Turkey (Special Mention) –> 19min

➡️Butterfly and mouse: Mira Yankova, Bulgaria (First Entry Award) –> 14min

➡️Plastic Dream: Merve Bozcu, Turkey (Audience Award) –> 20min

➡️ When the morning dawns: Karmen Obrdalj Bosnia & Herzegovina (Best Film Award) –>  23min


Through this programme we aspire to bring the audience of Bar closer to Balkan contemporaneity in which they are a vital part and share all together a Balkan experience. This screening is a snapshot of what will happen at the 14th BBB Short Film Festival which will take place in Montenegro creating a cinematographic celebration of what young balkan cinema is. 

Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival is an annual thematic short-film festival that takes place in a different European city every year with a special focus in South-Eastern Europe, thus maximizing its regional impact on promoting the Balkan culture and European values. Following a 12-year journey to the Balkans and Europe, it provides an open floor for free expression and problem-solving and acts as a stage of fruitful discussion and collaborations. It engages new audiences and promotes inter-Balkan cooperation. BBB Short Film Festival is a hub for productive networking and cooperation among the region’s community of filmmakers, art professionals, stakeholders, cultural organizations and partners.


In cooperation with:

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