BBB Festival Experience x Sandra Gjorgieva

Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival is a hub of a growing and sharing experiences community of filmmakers. The filmmakers are those who bring life and inspiration to the Festival and the audience with their creativity.

Let’s explore what the filmmakers think about BBB Short Film Festival experience.

We asked Sandra Gjorgieva director of the film “Black and White” to tell us about her thoughts and feelings participating in the BBB Festival.

How would you describe your experience of participating in the BBB Short Film Festival(s) with one sentence? 

This answer is not for just one sentence, but I’ll try.

Being on BBB is like being on a perfect vacation:  I’ve experienced an important historical place (Athens) ,  I’ve watched amazing films, I’ve met wonderful people. 

What do you advise someone who wants to submit his/her film at this year’s BBB Short Film Festival? 

Do it now.

What is it that you distinguish in BBB Short Film Festival?

That years after participating, the organisers are still in touch with me and they are recommending my film to other festivals and projects. They are engaged.

Will you participate in the BBB Short Film Festival again?

Of course, whenever I have a new film, I will submit it without thinking twice.