BBB films go to Edinburgh Short Film Festival 1/11/2019

On the 1st of November, BBB had the opportunity to participate at the Edinburgh Short Film Festival and join physically the event. Hence, we presented two winning films from the 9th BBB Short Film Festival edition, Societies on Sharing, and we participated at the European Film Festivals Symposium!

edinburgh BBB 2019

The Edinburgh Short Film Festival aims to provide a platform where high quality short films made by talented local film-makers can be screened alongside the best in contemporary UK and International short films. BBB had the pleasure to screen a special programme of Edinburgh Short Film Festival at the 10th BBB Short Film Festival at the special screening BBB FOCUS: Scotland.

Film Screenings

In a full screening room at Filmhouse in Edinburgh audience enjoyed the two winning films of the 9th edition: “Officer” by Stefan Zaharia and “The backpack” by Michalis Mathioudakis. The screenings programme consisted of selected shorts from 4 European Short Film Festivals: Adriatic Film Festival, Firenze FilmCorti Festival, Shortcutz Amsterdam and Sardinia Short Film Festival.

Film Festivals Symposium

The screenings followed the European Film Festivals Symposium in which representatives from the abovementioned festivals shared their experience and ideas. On behalf of Balkans Beyond Borders was Vasiliki Maltasoglou, co-founder and programmer. During the discussion the representatives had the opportunity to share ideas and experience about the selection process, the programming, the magic of short films and discuss with the audience. “We chose to deal with short films because we wanted to raise discussions and share direct messages with our audience upon Balkan culture and identity”, stated Vasiliki.

It was a great cinematic experience and we are looking forward for the next one!