BBB goes to Ankara International Film Festival 18-28/4/2019

BBB participated with its short films at the 30th Ankara International Film Festival. Ankara International Film Festival is the 2nd biggest and most experienced Festival in Turkey. The Ankara International Film Festival has been investing on the future generations of the National Cinema since its establishment. Its primary goal is to discover and support new names that will shape the future of the Turkish Cinema. Within this context, the Festival evaluated numerous national productions of feature, short, documentary, experimental and animation films with qualified juries. In addition to the selections from the world cinema, short films were not neglected and numerous international films and artists have been invited to meet the audiences every year. As the festival aims to support short film and to provide young filmmakers to present their work both on national and international platforms, Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival cooperated with Ankara International Film Festival presenting a special programme called ‘Balkan Stories. ‘BBB was represented by its Ambassador in Turkey, Rifat Erkek.

The BBB curated programme was as follows:

The Domestic Fly, Dramedy, 2018 (BBB Special Mention 2018)


Directed By Áron Horváth

Country of Origin: Slovenia


Lejla, Fiction, 2017 (BBB First Entry Award 2018)


Directed By Stijn Bouma

Country Of Origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Officer, Dramedy, 2016 (BBB Best Film Prize 2018)


Directed by Stefan Zaharia

Country Of Origin: Romania


Maybe Tomorrow, Drama (BBB Best Film Prize 2017)


Directed By Martin Iliev

Country Of Origin: Bulgaria

Pink Elephant, Dramey (BBB Audience Prize 2017)

Directed By Ado Hasanovic

Country Of Origin: Bosnia & Herzegovina


The cinema hall was full and the audience was showed interest in Balkan Stories. Presentation and Q&A session followed the screening giving us the opportunity to inform about our Festival and new call for the 10th BBB Short Film Festival. Some invited filmmakers showed interest to apply to the Festival and get more information.