BBB goes to Brunnenpassage, Vienna – 22/2/2018

Travelling beyond the Balkan borders, BBB (Balkans Beyond Borders) went to Vienna on Thursday, 22 of February at Brunnenpassage presenting a great quality programme of Balkan Shorts  as a post Festival activity aiming at promoting the films of the Festival participants! The audience in Vienna enjoyed a specially curated program of Balkan Shorts tackling the issue of ENTER/ EXIT, which was inspired and selected from the 8th Edition of BBB Short Film Festival which took place in Brussels in October 2017. For make this event happen BBB cooperated on a local level with the cultural center Brunnenpassage in Vienna and St. Balbach Art Production.


Settled down with pop corn and some welcome drinks we had the chance to talk via Skype with the director of the film Elene– Sezen Kayhan and discuss together with the audience her inspiration and personal approach behind this short film project. To even go deeper into the topic of illegal foreign workers and labor force, we initiated an open talk with our guest for the event – Milena Paneva, consultant at the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB).  The illegal Employment of Foreigner in Europe turned to be as interesting as worrying topic, which is not very popular and well talked about in the contemporary society.  Modern slavery means that many European workers are being exploited, some still come knowing they have no work rights, others being unaware they’re working illegally. The Austrian Trade Union Federation was for us a good example of an organization that initiates projects and working programs against this problem in Austria.

It was an amazing and very inspiring event in Vienna that gave the opportunity to the audience in Vienna come closer to the Balkan reality.

photo from the film Elene


Feeling of a home, Io Chaviara, Michalis Kastanidis, Greece

Elene, Sezen Kayhan, Turkey/Georgia

Home, More Raça, Kosovo

-1 (Minus One), Natassa Xydi, Greece