BBB goes to Malatya International Film Festival

Malatya International Film Festival

Malatya International Film Festival has been established in 2010 by the Malatya Governorship and organized by the Malatya Apricot Research-Development and Promotion Foundation. Every year in November Festival brings together the audience with the most qualified productions throughout the world and besides the competition excitement, it has been a full cinema week with many events for 9 years. This year, the 9th Malatya International Film Festival was held in Malatya. Normally, the festival with its previous success on international features and national short film competitions has included the national features competition to its festival programme. But MIFF only accepted national feature films and national short films fort he competition this year. MIFF also screened two international selection out of competition, one of which was a selection of Balkans Beyond Borders films, one of which was Georgia films.

The biggest 5th Turkish Film Festival MIFF organized 15th-19th November in Malatya in this year. Thanks to Malatya International Film Festival in order to invited and covered my transportation (from Istanbul to Malatya by flight). They transferred me from Malatya airport to my brother’s house. I joined at MIFF on 17th November for three days. During this time, MIFF invited me to some interviews, panels, and dinners. The festival used two cinemas for screening festival films and used hotel hall for the workshops. MIFF interviewed with directors after all film screenings. Actually, the audience wondered how the directors made their films. I had a great time watching the other films in this wonderfully curated program and meeting the other filmmakers and audience members. I joined at panels, workshops, and conferences, I got great opportunities to pitch new and current projects and learn about other filmmaker’s projects. Many Turkish actors, actresses, filmmakers, directors, producers joined at the festival.

The Selection of BBB

The selection of Balkans Beyond Borders screened on 18th December at 11.00 a.m. in Yesil Cinema. Yesil Cinema is the biggest cinema in Malatya. The 80-seat cinema hall was full. The audiences and short film lovers watched the BBB’s short films curiously. After the screenings, a few audience members congratulated us and asked some questions about BBB and films. They wanted to watch BBB’s short films at the festival again in the coming years. Also, few filmmakers wanted to apply BBB Short Film Festival. By the way, the director of MIFF wanted to cooperate again in next year’s film festivals.


 Riffat Erkek said “It was such an honor to be a part of the Malatya International Film Festival. The festival organizers were very communicative and very helpful. I had the opportunity to know (via e-mail) other filmmakers and audiences who liked your work presented at the festival and with whom I keep in contact for BBB’s future projects. And, I had many networks at the festival. It was well organized and a great experience for me. It’s great to know that your works are being recognized by fellow filmmakers from other regions.”