BBB in the neighborhood – The Pagkrati Project: Pagkrati Park

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Giouli Chalari through her route in the Pagrati Park creates sketches from points of inspiration of the park. “Pagkrati Park” is part of the project BBB in the neighborhood – Pagkrati Project which was implemented on the occasion of the action “Culture in the neighborhoods” an initiative of the Municipality of Athens and the Athens Culture Network.


As many of us are inhabitants of big cities, we have lost much of our contact with nature. There are times when we would like to be outside, in the green, away from the gray concrete cities where we are used to living in. So my love for nature prompted me to work on this project for the Pagrati Park, sketching scenes through it. In this green park, one can meet people of all ages walking, sitting on benches, and even using it as a shortcut as they return from their shopping or work. It is one of the places that give us the opportunity to get in touch with nature and all those who have been in the park have certainly felt this tranquility created by the green of the natural landscape. The peace that we all miss and often seek because of the fast pace of city life.

Pagkrati Park

1.Άλσος Παγκρατίου

2. Άλσος Παγκρατίου3. Άλσος Παγκρατίου6. Άλσος Παγκρατίου5. Άλσος Παγκρατίου

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