“BBB in the neighborhood Vol VI – We are the TOPOS” 15/6/2022

On Wednesday, June 15, BBB organized the “BBB in the neighborhood Vol VI – We are the TOPOS” in the context of “Culture in the Neighborhoods”, organized and implemented by the Municipality of Athens through the Athens Culture Net. This special screening event took place at the 4th Primary School of Pagrati inviting residents of Pagrati & Agios Artemios, as well as BBB’s friends from all around Athens to watch a special short films selection inspired by the human footprint in the city and nature.

The short films programme included short films from the 12th and 11th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival and was curated by the festival’s director, Vasiliki Maltasoglou. The main focus of the screenings was the dialectical relationship between the citizens and the urban landscape.

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Screening Programme

PALAS Cinema, Documentary, Greece, 7 min.

Thanos Liberopoulos & Vasilis Kalemos

Earthmovers, Documentary, Experimental, Albania, 2020, 6.3 min

Directed By Klodiana Millona, Endi Tupja, Yuan Chun Liu

Nosotros, Documentary, Kosovo, 2021, 6.4 min

Directed By Nazmi Latifi, Albulena Kurti

Postcards from Hellinikon, Tragicomedy, Surreal, Greece, 2020, 22 min

Directed By Aphroditi Katerinopoulou

XYZ[T], Animation/ Sci-Fi, Turkey, 2019, 03,20 min

Created by Bilal Uğur Liman

Orgasp, experimental, Greece, 2021, 15 min

Directed by ANOMIA dance company


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At the beginning of the screenings, the audience was welcomed by the principal of the school and by the BBB team and received a detailed programme as long as the full programme of the 12th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, with information about all the movies. After the screening, we had the opportunity to discuss with Thanos Liberopoulos, from the movie PALAS Cinema and the ANOMIA dance company, which created the Orgasp experimental short film. The filmmakers shared with us thoughts on the city and how the latter is constantly changing. Thanos Liberopoulos thanked BBB for giving him the opportunity to explore the Cinema theatre PALAS, a landmark of Pagkrati, as this film was created during the BBB in the neighborhood VOL IV. ANOMIA dance company stated that in quarantine we were brutally forced to reinvent and re-organise our relationship with the city and eventually with our bodies and gestures in the public space. The audience was impressed by the films quality and content and enjoyed the conversation at the end.




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