BBB Story LAB – Improvising on Hero

Join BBB story LAB on Saturday 17/12 11:00 to 17:00 and Sunday 18/12 11:00-14:00

Inspired by the notion of IDENTITY, BBB organizes as parallel activity of the 7th BBB Short Film Festival a story telling workshop with title: “IMPROVISING ON HERO”.

Who can join:
Either you just love making stories or you are professional or amateur film maker, writer, photographer, story teller, marketer   you are welcome to participate at the BBB story LAB.
Where: Vlaykova cinema.
When: It is a two-day workshop (Saturday 17/12 12:00 to 17:00 and Sunday 11:00-14:00).

To register for the workshop please send e-mail to with theme BBB story LAB participation stating: Name, nationality, age, profession, reason of interest (100words max). As there is limited number of positions, registration is required. There will be priority list. No participation fee. The workshop will be held in Engilsh.

The hero is at the center of the story. All questions that the scriptwriter wants to answer can be found in the soul of the hero. The story must be must be built upon the hero!

Workshop content:

  • How can we create a piece of art that can regain the social interest?”
  • Propaganda and the connection that has with heroes and scripts
  • Analyzing the hero through the projection of a short film
  • Societal analysis on Greek and Bulgarian society expressing the notion of identity through art.
  • A photo as source of story creation
  • Interactive creation of a common story

See the didactic material of the StoryLab here

Tutors: Athanassios Bourliaskos (Greece) story teller, Deyan Bararev (Bulgaria) film maker

deyanDeyan Bararev (born 1987 in Sofia, Bulgaria) is a graduate student in Film Directing and Business Administration in New Bulgarian University. He is a former participant of the Berlinale and Sarajevo Talents 2015 and Nisimasa’s ESP 2015. Deyan has written, directed and produced “Botev is an idiot” (2013), an award winning short film, with around 240 000 views on YouTube, “Maika mi calling” (2015) which premiered at the international film festival in Aubagne, France and was mentioned in Monocle magazine as a “don’t miss” and “Batmobile” (2016) which Premiered in Durban International Film Festival (South Africa). He is also one of the co-founders of “Don’t do productions” based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


ath-bourliaskosThanassis Bourliaskos is a filmmaker and actor. He graduated from AKMI College (BA Mass Communication & Media Arts, Film and TV Director, in collaboration with Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh). Also, he graduated from Drama School Archi-N. Karra (Athens) and from Hellenic Conservatory, Class of Supreme Theoretic (Counterpoint and Harmony Degree). He directed, wrote and produced the short film “The Revelation of the Beast” (2014, Honorary Distinction in 4 th Athens International Digital Film Festival)



Cover Photo: Aggelos Barrai