BBB Theme 2017: ENTER/EXIT

We enter life with an exit.
However, straight after we have to enter into family, school, groups, rules.
Either you enter or exit you get a new experience.
Either Enter or  exit  there is always another level to reach; a new YOU that will get born.

Enter is not always synonymous with the right choice and Exit is not always synonymous with the bad one. On the other, neither Exit nor Enter are always personal choices.

Answer as you wish:

  1. Society: Enter / Exit
  2. Relationships: Enter / Exit
  3. Community: Enter / Exit
  4. Work: Enter / Exit
  5. Love: Enter/ Exit


  1. Stereotypes: In / Out
  2. European Union: In / Out
  3. Balkans: In / Out
  4. Refugees: In / Out

Speaking about the Balkans, where can we identify our Identity? In or out of the Balkans? In or out of the EU?  

Balkans Beyond Borders Organization brings its films and the Balkan spirit to the heart of Europe! Feel the beat and apply with your short film inspired by the topic.

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