BBB goes to Thessaloniki in collaboration with the program ‘Neighborhood’s Room’

Balkans Beyond Borders collaborated with the nonprofit organization PERA within the framework of the program ‘Neighborhood’s Room’ featuring a special program of short films entitled “A trip to the Balkan Neighborhoods”. The screenings program took place in two different neighborhoods of Thessaloniki: the first one was held at Kato Toumba, on September the 29th and the second one took place at Ano Poli, on September 30th.     

ΒΒΒ aspired to create an exceptional adventure that could lead the audience οn a trip to the Balkan streets and neighborhoods. The audience had the chance to explore the life in neighborhoods and streets of the Balkan region through the lenses of young artists of the region. By means of six short films that have been screened at previous editions of Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, BBB managed to bring the different Balkan cultures to Thessaloniki and meet its goals. The viewers participated in a unique event that highlighted the diverse intercultural environment of the Balkan region.  

Balkans Beyond Borders aspires to contribute to the amelioration and the evolution of civil society. In order to accomplish this mission, BBB seeks opportunities for collaboration and cooperation with various organizations and institutions. By means of Short Films, we strive to create a network of partners with whom we share the same vision. Aiming to fulfill our mission of promoting the Balkan culture and encouraging cooperation among the region’s peoples, our organization participates in various projects and festivals with screenings of short films, created by Balkan artists.

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The Screening Program consisted of the following films :

CrossingNikos Mathios

The Future Is OursAndrej Georgiev

JOCAndreea Valean

Ibarska HighwayAleksandrija Ajdukovic

VietnamJovana Kovanovic

ClosedKerem Altın

The Neighborhood’s Room is a pilot program of the Municipality of Thessaloniki implemented by PERA non-profit organization supported by the Center for Business and Cultural Development (KEPA). The program has created a network of creative community spaces in three neighborhoods in order to facilitate community meetings through creative engagement. The project’s main goal is to empower the citizens individually and collectively, to promote knowledge and skill sharing and ultimately improve social cohesion through co-creating and socializing. Thus, it organizes various activities such as workshops, aspiring to promote the socialization and collaboration between the people of the neighborhood.