BBB in the neighborhood vol I “Before you talk to me”

The new built park in Athens “Our Park” filled with Balkan culture, music, short films and dance with the event “Before you talk to me” that Balkans Beyond Borders organized. Before the realization of the 3rd Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, BBB brought back together all its friends in Athens and introduced the organization to even more people. The Athenian neighbourhood became a source of Balkan cooperation.

The event that took place on Tuesday, 10th July at Our Park, Ameplokipoi joined together no
t only young people living in Athens but also kids and neighbours through a multiethnic, inspirational and cultural event full of passion and energy. The event was an introductory activity before the 3rd BBB Short Film Festival which will take place in Tirana, 21- 23 September 2012 under the title “TALK TO ME- communication and multilingualism in the Balkans”.


The Romanian band Fanfara Transilvania played Balkan melodies and opened the event while the contemporary music band ARTefacts ensemble with cooperation to the improvising group DDD (Dance in a day of your days) performed the IN/C act. Balkans Beyond Borders is always innovative and aims to use culture in order to motivate and inspire young people. The projected films were from:

casus belli

  • The THESS International Short Film Festival
  • The Naoussa International Film Festival
  • BBB Workshops and Festivals
  • Also:  Special Projection of the film Casus Belli by Yorgos Zois

The wine from SANTE- Vasileiou Aikaterini winery accompanied the night.