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Roundtable Discussion │ Balkan Kaleidoscope: Gazes, Cultural Identities and Nuances Through Cinema

Click HERE to register! Description: In the roundtable discussion, experienced researchers, writers and practitioners of Balkan cinemas will delve into intricate and pressing inquiries regarding the cinematic landscape of the Balkan region. Moderated by Ana Grgic, Associate Professor at Babes-Bolyai University, the roundtable will unfold in the form of a dialogue between the participants, and navigate multifaceted […]


Peaceline | Dominant vs Edge Narratives: How national history is framed

Click HERE to register! Description: If we are all connected in a shared thread that unites all stories, then consecutively it is important to represent the different European narratives in national historiography. How are we taught about history and why some stories are not included in the dominant narrative, effectively becoming edgetales? An introductory workshop by […]

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Vladimir Perović | Words or Images? THAT is the question!

Click HERE to register! Description: Narration – by many, it’s something mandatorily connected with words, talking, explanations… Is it really so!? Can’t we feel the images have a far stronger impact on us!? Don’t we realize the images are always richer, wider and more profound than words, more open and more signifying!? Don’t we absorb deeper the […]

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Ivan Bakrač | In conversation: from short to feature film

Click HERE to register! Description: Exploring different approaches and models of short film production: How important is the experience of creating a short film, from a feature film? What is the relationship between working in different positions in one film? Why shoot a short film after a feature? This conversation is about the importance of short films, […]

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Lazar Radić | Visualising Stories: a journey into cinematography

Click HERE to register! Description: Pre-production as a vital step in filmmaking. The Director of Photography must be prepared for every aspect of filmmaking to ensure that the visual style of the film is in function of the story. How should the project be prepared? What should the collaboration be like and what are the most important […]


ΒΒΒ Cine-Forum – 14th BBB Short Film Festival

14th BBB Short Film Festival ‘Edgetales’ – Nikšić, Montenegro 13 & 14 October 2023  BBB Cine-Forum supported by the Film Center of Montenegro Unveiling Balkan Cinema: past, present and future This year, the 14th BBB Short Film Festival will host a two-day BBB Cine-Forum in Nikšić, Montenegro, titled Unveiling Balkan Cinema: past, present and future, and develop around an effort to investigate […]