BBB goes to Charivarue Festival in Rennes, France

Balkans Beyond Borders participated with its films at Charivarue Festival in Rennes, France on 12 of April. Charivarue is a cultural and artistic festival, a student project which aspires to move out the Art from the traditional places into the city. During the day several “cultural breaks” were be offered to the citizens of Rennes […]


BBB goes at the BalkanFest in Thessaloniki 20/02/2015

BBB was honoured to present selected films from previous festivals at the BalkanFest 2015 on Friday the 20th of February at the venue Block 33, organized by the NGO Kids in Action and the online magazine Exostis taking place in Thessalonki. The Festival aims to promote the multicultural character of the Balkans through music, film, dance […]


BBB goes to the Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival 2014

This year BBB is invited in the Vienna Independent Short Film Festival. The VIS Festival takes place since 2004 by putting together a courageous programme and a clear attitude aiming through its films at capturing “life in its minutiae, its tenuity in the sense of all that’s slight, insubstantial, inconsequential. Every year at the end of May/beginning of […]


BBB goes to “Balkan Snapshots Preview event” 13/10/2011

On Thursday 13 of October, at 21.00 – 22.00 Balkans Beyond Borders curated the film screening of “Balkan Snapshots Preview” event which took place at Kriterion in Amsterdam. BBB presented a selection of the short films created during the “Balkans Beyond Borders Film Making Workshops” that took place in three different cities of the Balkans Skopje, […]


BBB travells with its films to Scotland at the Macrobert arts center

BBB travelled with its films in Scotland at the Macrobert arts center for a weekend full of Balkan spirit and Ecstasis!  The audience ‘loved the range of shorts on offer’. Each month macrobert arts centre brings a range of special event screenings, ranging from post show discussions to genre specific films and everything in between. […]