Cine-Balkan for teenagers February 2022

“Cine-Balkan for teenagers” was a series of online creative workshops for students on the topic cinema and films that took place in February 2022. The goal of the action was to provide teens with the essential skills and tools to critically watch short films, discuss with the professionals of the cinema field, communicate their own ideas and create their own script and present it.

Balkans Beyond Borders aims to create communication channels between students from different cities and regions of Greece and familiarize them  with the necessary tools for the 21st century digital era. BBB successfully brought together 32 students from Trikala, Patras, Rhodes and Athens during this series of online creative workshops on the topic of cinema.


The action was implemented with the support of the Greek Cultural Ministry.


Participating schools at Cine-Balkan:

  • 7th Experimental High School of Trikala
  • Gennadio Lyceum
  • Experimental High School of the University of Patras
  • High school with lyceum classes of Gennadio – Rhodes


Webinar 1: Watching movies differently

Sunday, 13 February 16:00 – 19:00

How do we watch a movie? With passion, casually, with attention or just eating popcorn? What do we enjoy when watching a movie? The plot, the costumes or maybe the music? Films are the creative result of the collaboration of different professionals who attempted to tell a story through image and sound. 

Follow their lead and get ready to watch the movies through different perspectives. 

Greek director Alexis Koukia-Panteli discussed with the students about his short film Iro /he.roː/ and cinema opportunities

Lecturer: Vasiliki Maltasoglou

Guest: Alexis Koukias-Pantelis


Webinar 2: Build the script

Sunday, 20 February 16:00 – 19:00

Having seen a film from different angles, it’s time to think and built our story step by step and create the script of our short film. A story starts from our thoughts and sensitivities. A story can speak to mind, heart and soul. When our story manages to reach our audience, then it’s a successful one! How do we achieve this? Is there a secret?

Lecturer: Vasiliki Maltasoglou


Webinar 3: Pitching Lab

Sunday, 27 February 16:00 – 19:00

After so many ideas, thoughts and discussion, we finally have our story! And how do we proceed now? Let’s develop our ideas and work collectively to present comprehensively to a potential cinema professional! Let’s talk about pitching, a useful tool in order to communicate our ideas. Will we be able to attract the interest from the first minutes? Our goal is to present what we have in mind shortly and pass our enthusiasm on to our listeners. We want to make them believe in our story and want to help us come true!

Lecturer: Zina Lefkou


Participaating students from all over Greece and their instructors were enthusiastic with all three webinars. Students showed great interest to learn about cinema industry, how to create a good story and they put a good effort to present their story effectively. Also, they enjoyed the cooperation with students from all around Greece and not only their fellows.