For dancers and performers with and without disabilities | Awareness Workshop

For dancers and performers with and without disabilities

12/12/2021, 12:00-14:00

as part of the 12th BBB Short Film Festival, ATHENS EDITION
Skin to (Screen to) Skin


By Jiorgos Christakis

Observing the movement and attitude of people in motion lessons and daily life, you can distinguish the vast range of body expressive tools we all have in order to share our feelings, experiences and opinions.

The seminar begins with warm up and exercises from different techniques (contact, tai chi, release, butoh, feldenkrais) with the aim of exploring and expanding our sensation and perception of our body as it moves through the – its interaction with the space and the people of our environment.
Then are given kinesiological or spatial constraints, instructions and structures. The material of the seminar is shaped and derived from the movements performed by the participants, as they are recreated and experienced differently through the personal exploration and reaction of each one under the given  instructions. The seminar is not focused on the aesthetics of the movement or on any other particular form.
The goal is to meet and interact bodies with different modes of operation and different tools of communication and expression. To open a dialogue that will help to understand the limits and capabilities of these bodies at both individual and group level.
The seminar lasts 2 hours and is addressed to people with disabilities or not.

* Necessary athletic clothing.

Jiorgos Christakis

 Is a physically disabled individual with an active and combative presence in all initiatives embracing ‘difference’. As a dancer and choreographer in a wheelchair, he has extensive professional and artistic experience. He is also a social psychologist, and PhD candidate in Social Psychology at Panteion University.He has participated in contemporary dance groups, “Fygein adynaton”, “Lathos kinisi”, “Aggeloskoni” and others. In May 2004 he created his own dance group “DA.GI.PO.LI.” where he choreographs, dances, plans and organizes all productions and performances to date, and where he oversees responsibility for production and execution.

His work with DAGIPOLI has traveled around the world, from America to Europe and Asia.

His teaching draws on techniques and methods for encountering a variety of body functions and forms.


Contemporary Movement workshop

by Bruno Rodrigues

For actors, dancers and performers and to those interested in dance/movement, with and without disability.

Over the years I have always tried to define in a more concrete way what I do and how I do it and this path has been winding. Sometimes it is difficult to define when you drink from various experiences. An experience of sharing of dance/movement from all, for everyone and with everyone and everything, at least my everything or what it means to me now. At this moment I write this synopsis that is already different from the moment someone reads.

This will be sharing, based on the creative processes I have used and use. It will be a global sharing in the exploration for improvisation and choreography. The immersion of the body in its own movement and expression as a tool of artistic communication.

Bruno Rodrigues

Lisbon 1981. He’s member of UNESCO’s International Dance Council and of Danceability International. He’s a Danceability method and IEFP Certified Teacher, got his degrees at Instituto Superior Técnico (2005) and Escola Superior de Dança (2010) and it’s acctualy studying master in Coreographic Creation and professional practices . He has choreographed Espelho Mirror (2010), Croqui do corpo em retrato pronto (2011), Contraste (2013), Contraluz (2014), O Caso da Partitura Roubada (2017),EU MAIOR (2017), O olhar da Coruja (2018), 3,50×2,70 [três e meio dois setenta] (2018), Equinosso (2021). Performer in E Morreram Felizes para Sempre, CiM – Dance Company, Plural, WBmotion, Companhia Instável,Compota, Jangada de Pedra, among others. Freelancer, he performs and choreographs at CiM – DanceCompany. Pedagogical responsible for MOVE YOUR SKILLS and for the staging and artistic / actorsdirection in Immersive Gaming. He is a contemporary creative, improvisation and inclusive dance teacher. Since January 2019 is CiM dance company pedagogical and artistic coordinator.