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Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival

poster_BBB_low Serbian film “Springtime Suns” by Stefan Ivančić wins the BEST FILM AWARD at the 5th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival held in Sarajevo 28-30 November, distinguishing for its ability to interweave between real life and documentary in order to deal with a complicated story of construction of identity.

Supported yet again by the European Fund for the Balkans, Balkans Beyond Borders functioned as a stage for supporting and promoting young and emerging film makers. The audience that attended the Festival voted for the film Bosnian film “Toy car” by Muamer Celik giving him the AUDIENCE PRIZE 2014.

Taking into consideration the good quality of this year’s films, the Jury composed of Mr Leone Contini Bonacossi (Italy), Mr Bojan Mucko(Croatia) and Ms Tanja Smalcelj(Bosnia and Herzegovina) gave “Special Mentions” to three films:

THE AEGEAN OR THE ANUS OF DEATH by Eleni Gioti from Greece for commenting important political issues in a minimalistic and satiric way in direct manner,

REFIKA, a Turkish- Greek production by Ozge Deniz Ozker from Turkey for very precise way of choosing a female character from the shared cultural memory in order to discuss history and

THE INVISIBLES by Ishak Jalimam, Monika Šimunac, Nita Zeqiri, Petar Antevski (Kosovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) , because the authors of this surprisingly light and approachable film correctly diagnose problems we face in Balkans on daily basis presenting them by hiding their protagonists faces.

This year’s prizes were designed by Marietta Lyriotaki and produced by Solid 3D Printing and scanning company in Greece. Moreover, the “Best Film” Prize is awarded with 500€ and the “Audience Prize” with 100€ and a Lomo camera, by Lomography.gr.

The audience in Sarajevo that attended the Festival had the chance to watch films of great quality and participate at an interactive event inspired by the theme of this year’s festival: DARE TO REPEAT.

Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival is a festival that travels each year to a different city in the Balkans and is dedicated to encouraging young film makers to express themselves on issues relevant to their region and lives, building bridges between the peoples of the Balkans. Sarajevo was the last stop of the BBB Short Film Festival after Belgrade, Athens, Tirana and Bucharest. And the journey in the Balkans continues..

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