1st of November


1st of November, All Saints’ Day 1755 was the date of one of the deadliest earthquake in the world, followed by a tsunami and a fire, that completely destroyed Lisbon. Seismology experts say a repeat of the 1755 Great Lisbon quake is overdue within this

Through a cyclical story-telling, the mythological city of Ophiusa has reborn, where the memories of the ancient earthquake and the omens of the future one are linked through a stream of consciousness, past and future melt together in one dimension: a timeless present.

The movie started from a psycho-geographic research of the city, exploring and documenting certain areas of Lisbon with the aim of creating a personal map of the emotions.
“Primeiro de Novembero” was filmed during the art residency Mnemonic City Lisbon, a project produced by the London based art collective MAGMA and the art centre Roundabout.LX of Lisbon

Directed by

Yuri Pirondi

Country of Origin