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After an important surgery, Maria returns to her family home, in order to recover. Living with her mother, her sister and a newborn baby. While Maria’s body starts healing, a deeply hidden desire of hers surfaces. Maria wants to come close to the baby, and this creates a serious threat to the “safety” of the family home.

Film Participations Awards

43rd Drama International Short Film Festival (Drama, Greece/ September 24, 2020, Word Premiere, National Premiere)-“Drama Queer” Dionysus Award

26th Athens International Film Festival (Athens, Greece/ September 27, 2020)-Official Selection

30th Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival (Oslo, Norway/ September 30, 2020, International Premiere)-Official Selection

61st Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Thessaloniki, Greece/ November 7, 2020, Official Selection)– Short Film Festival in Drama Awarded Films

6th International Queer & Migrant Film Festival Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands/ December 4, 2020)-Official Selection

2nd Positively Different Short Film Festival (Athens, Greece/ March 19, 2021)-Official Selection

13th International Film Festival of Larissa (Larissa, Greece/ April 1, 2021)-Official Selection

18th San Fransisco Greek Film Festival (San Fransisco, United States/ April 16, 2021, North American Premiere)-Official Selection

6th The Greek Film Festival in Berlin (Berlin, Germany/ June 5, 2021, German Premiere)-Official Selection

15th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (Los Angeles, United States/ May 10, 2021)-Official Selection

4th Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival (Thessaloniki, Greece/ June 11, 2021)-Official Selection

4th Athens Short Film Festival (Athens, Greece/ June 17, 2021)-Official Selection


12th KASHISH Mumbai International Film Festival (Mumbai, India,Indian Premiere)-Official Selection


4th Beirut International Women Film Festival (Beirut, Israel/ July 18, 2021, Lebanese Premiere)-Official Selection


12th Leiden Shorts (Leiden, Netherlands/ September 2, 2021)-Out of Competition

Directed by

Stavros Markoulakis

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Production year



10 min