The parrot


Xhejlan walks from the kitchen to the living room to serve breakfast to her husband Agron. Agron watches TV and laughs. Blina wakes up as a result of her father’s laughter. She sees her mother trapped in her routine and helps her by swinging the baby’s cradle. Xhejlan picks up clothes to dry them out. Agron is angry by the noise of the parrot, which he picks up and puts out in the sun. Blina goes to school and Xhejlan returns inside. She is in the middle of the crying baby, the TV that has no signal and the whistling noise of the tea kettle. She stops the noises and returns to the kitchen to serve Agron tea. Agron puts the oil in the chainsaw and pours it on the floor. Xhejlan starts cleaning the floor. He leaves the house, while Xhejlan deals with Agron’s leftovers in the table. She takes her handbag and leaves the house. She opens the parrot cage and starts walking. On the way, she hears a boy calling his mother. She gives up and returns home. When she returns she sees that the parrot didn’t leave its cage. She closes the cage and returns home.

Directed by

Indrit Ferati

Country of Origin