Tina’s Problem



Tina is a 22 year old introvert girl with low self-esteem who struggles with the idea of what her body should look like. She is under the influence of models of patriarchal society and her self-confident friend who gives her advice on how to treat her body and how to lose her virginity. And by following her advice, she gets a vaginal infection and has to see a gynecologist for the first time and face the shame and horror imposed by the public health.

Cast & Team

  • Cast: Dusica Nastova, Zaklina Stefkovska, Jordan Simonov, Tamara Ristoska, Emilija Micevska, Nenad Mitevski
  • Writer: Rumena Buzarovska
  • Production: Robert Naskov
  • DOP: Andrej Lembanov
  • Edit: Vardan Tozija, Radovan Petrovic
  • Sound: Risto Alchinov

Directed by

Radovan Petrovic

Country of Origin

North Macedonia


North Macedonia

Production year



15 min.