Surviving in liminal spaces – Performance by Apletoi Kipoi

How is the connection with the other person and with oneself affected, when our existence is shaped by dominating voices?

Who puts the chalk into our hand? What do they expect us to do with it?

The theatre group Apleti Kipi and the theatre lab PandesPanic of the cultural association of Ano Ampelokipi creatively adapted the theatre pieces of Matei Visniek “The man who runs”, “The man in the circle”, “Brain washing machines and “Iiimigrants” to a live image-survival attempt in limitations. A speech and mobile immobility delirium creates a performance about the noisy silence of waiting.

The performance “surviving in limitations” directed by Afroditi Parzakoni will take place on Saturday 13 of January at 18.00 at the foyer of the cinema of the Greek Film Archive Foundation, as part of the 14th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival – Athens Edition. Specifically, it will open the screening session titled “Contact-less”, which starts at 18.30.

Director and animateur: Afroditi Parzakoni

The theater group Apleti Kipoi and the PantesPanic theatre lab, part of the Cultural Association of Ano Ampelokipi, was founded in 2001 and 2012 respectively. The participants are involved in a purely experimental process, in which they develop and cultivate their expressive means through triptych Movement/Expression/Speech. This is achieved through practicing theatre games, and through the technique of bodily expression, as well as the process of representation and roleplay. They experiment, improvise, modify, invent, transform, playing with the triptych STRUCTURE – DESTRUCTION – COMPOSITION.
The two groups show a common journey, and are active in the area of Ampelokipi and the wider Attica region, such as neighborhoods in the Municipality of Athens, the School of Fine Arts, Technopolis and others. In addition, they have taken part in the Athens Art Festival, Wine and Art Festival, and Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival – Athens Edition.
Their performances stand out for their kinesthetic detail, the composition of images (visual theatre), the creative use of the ensemble, original music, the creation of installations, live performances and use of street theatre. Their projects aim to activate and raise awareness through the art of theater, and to educate through theatrical texts.

Aphrodite Parzakonis, Theater Educator, Director, Play Animateur, has been leading the groups since their inception and foundation.