The theme – 14th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival “Edgetales”

Once upon a time, there was an edge that wished to become part of the center. Pushed into obscurity, it couldn’t find the way to be seen. Edges were always part of the picture, but society, stereotypes and norms kept on turning their back on them, rendering them obsolete, invisible. So it decided to create its own light, despite the ignorance it faced. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth the try. Was it enough though, to penetrate the barriers and find the way into openness?

Finally, the edge created a light which projected out of the darkness. Should it try entering, then, the center and fight to become an equal part of it? … It thought. Or should it find a way to bring the center closer to itself, closer to all the other edges, revealing their truth?

The effort of the edge, despite some reactions, didn’t leave the center untouched. At last, the two sides had to dare the crucial move and make the change.

It is about time not to leave these stories of-, about- and by edges in the shadows on mute, but to cast light on them, listen, feel and experience them. It is about time to collect and celebrate the stories of people that live on edges, and give them voice and shed light on them. It is about time to rethink ‘belonging’, to co-shape a ‘borderless’ society and investigate new narratives of what ‘heritage’ could mean, while honoring each cultural uniqueness, along with all its edges.

Through a collection of your ‘edgetales’, the 14th BBB Short Film Festival will contemplate on the notion of the ‘edge’ and the ‘border’. Through an intersectional and multi-thematic perspective, it will create a shared collective experience that builds and promotes tolerance, inclusivity and creativity, to think on: if and how we could all live, with each other, happily ever after.