BBB Festival Theme 2016

Title 2016: “Tagged” in a changing world

Our world is built upon diversities. Communities are built upon similarities. Identities are shaped upon perceptions. Perceptions on family, society. As part of a nation, as part of Europe, through culture. Being anonymous, unique or identical are all reflections on the same mirror.

– Can you identify your self in the society you live in?

– Do you consider your self identifiable?

– Are your fingerprints enough to guarantee your uniqueness?

– Are you one, no one or one hundred thousand?

The formation of “A” European Identity is now more than ever under question.  The cities, the societies, the countries, the continent we live in are all part of a changing process. How the world perceives Europe differs – how Europe perceives it self also does. How different generations perceive Europe (and themselves) also differ. The influx of immigrants and refugees arrivals is dramatically  affecting this scene. How do you feel with the perspective that you are presented with? Can your shaped identity be affected?

Tag your self in this changing world and share with us your short film and your perspective on you, the future and in between