UnID by Anomia – a video dance trilogy

Balkans Beyond Borders presents “unID”, a video dance trilogy by the art group ANOMIA on Saturday and Sunday 5 & 6 of December at an online event. Balkans Beyond Borders, creates a virtual room where you can stop for a moment your busy “screen life” due to the lockdown and focus, again on your screen but for a discovery of the Self and of the Other as if you were standing in the middle of a gallery room isolated from all destructions of the everyday life. unID is taking place as part of the parallel activities of the 11th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival “Athens Edition”. The trilogy will be hosted at Balkans Beyond Borders YouTube channel.


In this video – dance trilogy, ANOMIA focuses on the subject of consciousness, identity, and self/other relations, pondering upon their boundaries, their mutual reliance, their differences, and upon the numerous possibilities of recognition. Two beings, move, transfer and shift by and in front of a sharp cinematic gaze and, as they walk the continuum between the real and the surreal, they try to construct themselves, their identities and their desires. As the boundaries between the Self and the non -Self are fluid and perforated, the art of coexistence becomes the most critical factor of existence. A coexistence that is fragile, however, as its discovery leads back to the discovery of the Self and of the Other, that is, to an endless relationship of repetition and redefinition.

Some words about the group ANOMIA

ANOMIA emerged in 2017 as a fluctuating collaboration of artists based in Athens, Greece, developing short films, video dance projects and multimedia live performances. ANOMIA offers the ground of exploration and of pushing the boundaries between the different forms of expression while searching and developing social and cultural identity. ANOMIA’s work has been awarded in Loikka Dance Film Festival (2017, 2018) and has featured, among others, in festivals in Athens, Syros, Lincolnshire, and Helsinki.

Antigone Davaki is a filmmaker based in Athens, Greece. She studied History at the National University of Athens and Filmmaking at the London Film School. She works as a professional film director, editor and production designer in fiction and non fiction films. Her work has been featured in festivals in London, Berlin, Minsk and Helsinki. She always finds different ways of listening, observing, constructing and deconstructing stories, real, imaginary or

Panina Karydi was born in Spring of 1985 and has been active in fields of Culture – or better yet Cultures- and Communication as a musician, a teacher, a producer and as a communication consultant since 2006. Her research and academic interests include: multimethodological approaches to media and cultural research -specializing in Social Network Analysis for the production and consumption of Culture, cultural diffusion and the role of Culture as a an accelerator to the social dimension of resilience while protecting cultural diversity.
Evi Psaltou was born in Komotini, Greece in 1984. She studied business administration at the Athens University of Ecomonics and Business. After her graduation she turned to dance as she realized that creativity is her way to comprehend the world. She graduated from the Professional Dance School “Rallou Manou” and started working ever since at several dance schools and dance projects and performances. Throughout her activities, experiences and way of living she is searching for the connection between individuality and the whole.
Vassia Zorbali was born in Athens in 1986. Her work brings together choreography and performance with video, photography and scenographic experimentation. She is a distinguished graduate of the Professional Dance School “Rallou Manou” (2014), a graduate of the Biology Department of the University of Crete (2009), and a postgraduate student in Visual Arts (ASFA, 2020). By teaching contemporary dance, improvisation and partnering in dance schools and studios, she broadens her horizons through acquainting herself with places, times and people.