Vladimir Perović | Words or Images? THAT is the question!

BBB Cine-Forum
supported by the Film Center of Montenegro

Unveiling Balkan Cinema: past, present and future

#Words or Images? THAT is the question!

WHEN:  Saturday, 14/10, 16:00 – 17:30
WHERE:  IEC Tehnopolis, Nikšić

Narration – by many, it’s something mandatorily connected with words, talking, explanations… Is it really so!? Can’t we feel the images have a far stronger impact on us!? Don’t we realize the images are always richer, wider and more profound than words, more open and more signifying!? Don’t we absorb deeper the narration of images than verbal narration!? Favorising the images doesn’t mean rejecting the words. It just means putting the crown on the proper place. The genuine essence of cinema is images…

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Facilitator BIO:

Vladimir Perović graduated in Film & TV Directing from Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. His creative documentaries won 113 recognitions so far, both domestic and international. He was jury member in Yugoslavia, Serbia, Montenegro, Iran, Russia, Germany, Romania, Macedonia. Visiting professor of Documentary at Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro (2010-2021). Selector for the Documentary section of Montenegro FF Herceg Novi (2011-2018), and Festival of Ethnological film, Belgrade (2020…). He lives in Belgrade, and makes his films both in Serbia and in Montenegrο.