Women at the workplace: Open panel discussion


Open Panel Discussion


as part of the 12th BBB Short Film Festival, ATHENS EDITION
Skin to (Screen to) Skin


BBB-EVENT-1000X1000 (2)On Friday, December 10th, 17.00-19.00, at Trianon,  Pinelopi Theodorakakou, Women On Top co-founder, will facilitate an open panel discussion about women at the workplace of today, having 2 films as the panels starting, as well as inspiration, points. Both films, Vlora and In Between have working women and their challenges as their main focus.

We will discuss with women from various professional fields about all the challenges and issues that we are faced with in contemporary workplaces such as work-life balance, sexual harassment, gender stereotypes and gender discrimination, as well as all the opportunities that exist and what we can do to bring about the social change we want to see.