ΒΒΒ Cine-Forum – 14th BBB Short Film Festival

14th BBB Short Film Festival ‘Edgetales’ – Nikšić, Montenegro

13 & 14 October 2023 

BBB Cine-Forum
supported by the Film Center of Montenegro

Unveiling Balkan Cinema: past, present and future

This year, the 14th BBB Short Film Festival will host a two-day BBB Cine-Forum in Nikšić, Montenegro, titled Unveiling Balkan Cinema: past, present and future, and develop around an effort to investigate Balkan cinema, its ‘identity(ies)’, its past and historicity, present challenges and creative opportunities which lie ahead, through theoretical and practice based approaches and activities. 

The BBB Cine-Forum will feature the roundtable Balkan Kaleidoscope: Gazes, Cultural Identities and Nuances Through Cinema’, masterclasses, and workshops, with speakers and instructors from the film industry, academic & research and cultural work field. They will share their expertise and experiences on filmmaking, on Balkan history and visual culture, inviting participants to get inspired, be creative, and to critically reflect on the past, present and future of cinema in the Balkan region and beyond.

Friday October 13, at IEC Tehnopolis

Saturday October 14, at IEC Tehnopolis

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