BBB & Co: young creators – fresh ideas – 14th BBB Short Festival – Athens Edition

The 14th BBB Short Film Festival has the pleasure to collaborate with the School of Film of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki and present the screening section BBB & Co: young creators – fresh ideas at the 14th BBB SFF – Athens Edition, on Saturday 13 of January, at 20:15, at the Greek Film Archive Foundation (Tainiothiki tis Ellados).

The section BBB & Co: young creators – fresh ideas features films created by students of the School of Film of Aristotle University, Thessaloniki.

The School of Film at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was established in 2004 and it is the first public higher-education film school in Greece. Its creation as the fourth School of the Faculty of Fine Arts at A.U.Th. came to fill a significant gap in film education and to respond to a long-lasting request of both the film and academic community. According to its founding statute, the aim of the School is “to cultivate and promote film art in the context of a wider audiovisual education, through theoretical and applied tuition and research”.

The educational philosophy of the School combines practice with theory, while the five-year undergraduate curriculum covers eight artistic/applied areas (scriptwriting, film direction, production, sound and music, set and costume design, cinematography, editing, augmented/virtual/mixed reality) and one theoretical, that of the theory and history of cinema and television.

The degree of the School of Film is unified and it is based on a comprehensive cycle of courses of artistic and theoretical nature, while also including compulsory pedagogical and foreign language courses.

BBB & Co: young creators – fresh ideas | Screening programme

Bad kids with saint names | Vicky Anastasiadou | 13’ | coming-of-age | 2023 | Greece
Ketchup to your mustard | Iphigeneia Theodoridis | 17’23’’ | road movie | 2023 | Greece
Creative producer | Evangelos Kyriakidis | 13’57” | documentary | 2023 | Greece
Soundtrack | Maria Karamanolaki | 18’46’’ | drama | 2023 | Greece

Venue: The Greek Film Archive Foundation (Tainiothiki tis Ellados), Meg. Alexandrou 136, Athens
Date & Time: Saturday 13/01 at 20:15

Tickets: 5€ / screening session

For more information visit the 14th BBB SFF – Athens Edition event page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram (Balkans Beyond Borders).



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