Inter Alia

Inter Alia is co-organizer of 8th BBB Short Film Festival alongside with BBB.

Inter Alia is a civic organization and think-tank that was established in 2013 and is based in Athens. Its mission is to contribute to the creation of an assertive and inclusive European demos by raising awareness of the EU and prospective EU citizens on available channels for acting, participating and shaping Europe. Inter Alia pursues its agenda through different educational, cultural and academic projects.


Free Flying Films

Free Flying Films is a small group of cinema-crazy people, who organise film festivals all around the world, based on the theme of Crossing Borders – inviting audiences to enjoy new cinema that gets you out of your box. Free Flying Films makes it its special goal to support young Greek filmmakers by having shown their work in such places as Brussels, Oslo, Denmark, Indonesia…

Art Base

Art Base is located in the centre of Brussels, at 29 Rue des Sables, just opposite the Comic Strip Museum. It is easily accessible by metro (Gare Centrale), five minutes by foot from the Grand’Place, and the same distance from the commercial centre of Brussels.



Swedish Film Institute

The mission of the Swedish Film Institute’s International Department is to promote contemporary Swedish films of all genres outside Sweden in the various arenas provided by festivals, markets and other special events.

The department works closely with producers and sales agents to find the appropriate platform for films with international potential, both commercial and artistic, and ensure maximum exposure for Swedish films and increased film exports.