BBB Film making workshops – Who’s afraid of the big bad crises

BBB film making workshops – 3 cities – more than 20 films

From April to June 2011, BBB organized 3 film making workshops in  three cities: Skopje, Tirana, Athens. The workshops tackled the topical issue of ‘crisis’ by developing a certain amount of short films all starting from the same moment of crisis and structured around the same ‘anchor moment’.

During the workshops the selected young filmmakers had the opportunity to meet and get to know each other, as well as exchange ideas about cinematography and the role of cinema, in the Balkan region. The main purpose of the workshops was to give participants time to envision and create their own short film with the assistance of the moderators and trainers of the workshops Effi & Amir:

The workshops challenged the traditional film-making methods and instead of a linear creative process – writing, filming, editing – a new creative process will be developed and the three film-making stages intertwined (editing will take place throughout the process and not only at the end, writing will develop and emerge during filming etc), making the relations between writing, filming and editing much more dynamic. The workshops acted as a meeting platform for young filmmakers from the region, workshop directors, organizers and institutions and offer participants opportunities for other future collaborations.

Each workshop in each city finished with a screening event in which the produced films were presented as well as the whole project. The produced short films were a collaborative work, co-productions created by teams of participants of different nationalities.

This project was co- organized by Tirana Art Lab – Centre for Contemporary Art in collaboration, Line I+M from Skopje and Balkans Beyond Borders from Athens.

Schedule of Workshops – screenings

Skopje Workshop Dates: 30 March – 6 April 2011 – Films Screening: 5th of March, 8 p.m at “Gallery 7

Tirana Workshop Dates: 6 May – 13 May 2011 – Films Screening: 12th of May, 8 pm, at Bar Radio

Athens Workshop Dates: 15 June – 22 June 2011– Films Screening: 21st of June at six d.o.g.s


Financial support

The workshops are financially supported by the European Cultural Foundation ( in the framework of the Balkan Incentive Fund for Culture (BIFC) funding program.