BBB in the neighborhood – Pagkrati Project: Millennial ghost mall

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The kikachu team [Katerina Magganiari, Anastasia Magganiari, Ioanna Digenaki, Konstantina Karasarini] are inspired – from the sometime meeting point for young people – by the Pagrati shopping center and convey their memories by creating a collage of old photos, thoughts, and graphic design. “Millennial ghost mall” is part of the project BBB in the neighborhood – Pagkrati Project which was implemented on the occasion of the action “Culture in the neighborhoods” an initiative of the Municipality of Athens and the Athens Culture Network.


I remember associating the Village Cinemas with ‘big’ kids. When the high school started, the systematic night out started there, not only ours but also of all the teenagers of Pagrati and of the surrounding areas. We played various games inside and outside the stores of the mall, the internet cafes, and the cinema.

“Millennial ghost mall” is a route, a record of our memories and experiences there, in the mall that is now a ghost and once was our area, our teenage joy.

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“Millennial ghost mall”

1. Millennial ghost mall

2. Millennial ghost mall

3 Millennial ghost mall

4. Millennial ghost mall

5. Millennial ghost mall

6. Millennial ghost mall7. Millennial ghost mall8. Millennial ghost mall10 Millennial ghost mall11. Millennial ghost mall12. Millennial ghost mall

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