Cinema PALAS [The Pagkrati Project]



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The short documentary Cinema Palas was created by Thanos Liberopoulso & Vasilis Kalemos and is part of the project BBB in the neighborhood – Pagkrati Project which was implemented on the occasion of the action “Culture in the neighborhoods” an initiative of the Municipality of Athens and the Athens Culture Network.

“When we were asked to participate in the Pagrati Project, the first thing that came to our mind was the Cinema Palas. In the process, we discovered that while for us, as friends of cinema, it was a landmark for Pagrati, for most people it was almost forgotten, with its story and beautiful movies fading into the new era of blockbusters and Netflix. So we had the opportunity to hear some awesome stories that no multiplex and no couch will ever be able to live, by its owner for almost 70 years, while dedicating a small song to him.”

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Directed by

Thanos Liberopoulos-Vasilis Kalemos


BBB in the neighborhood - The Pagkrati Project

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