Chamber, street and corridor Orchestra


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Yorgos Samantas and Dana Papachristou created a video-route for the emblematic landmark of Pagkrati, the Athens Conservatory. The Chamber, street and corridor Orchestra is part of the project BBB in the neighborhood: The Pagkrati Project implemented on the occasion of the program “Culture in the neighborhoods”, an initiative of the Municipality of Athens and the Athens Culture Net.

The Athens Conservatory incorporates a living cultural heritage that dates back to the Athenian 20th century and extends from the fields of architecture, music, and dance, to the pursuits of contemporary visual arts. Yorgos Samantas and Dana Papachristou create an audiovisual piece consisting of found and original images, field recordings, music, prose, and poetry, inspired by the emblematic landmark of Pagrati. “Chamber, street and corridor Orchestra” is part of “BBB in the neighborhood – Pagkrati Project”, which was implemented on the occasion of the action “Culture in the neighborhoods” an initiative of the Municipality of Athens and the Athens Culture Network.

On our way in search for “Stories from Pagrati” our mobility was restricted by two events: en route to our fieldwork research, we were caught in a downpour that temporarily confided us in the premises of the Odeion, on the verge of the neighbourhood. Later, Covid-19 lockdown measures prevented us from returning to the field in the long run. These circumstances impelled us to look back into archives (our own and online), to recall our personal experiences within our records, to imagine conversations, to experiment with temporalities. The result is a peripatetic reverie in the Conservatory, in which the global resonates within the local, the city is made up of many cities, materiality engenders concepts and memories, and the dreams of prospecting artists as students resonate with the works of established artists of the Athenian modernity.

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Yorgos Samantas & Dana Papachristou

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BBB in the neighborhood - The Pagkrati Project

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