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Alexandros Zilos and Irene Z. Charitopoulou during their walk with Elisavet in the neighborhood of Pagrati, pres the different sensations that their root evokes and creates, capturing it in a video.

A different walk in Pagrati following the pace of the city. Green and urban landscape, parks and squares, sounds, and smells. Our video aims to wander the audience in three different neighborhoods of Pagrati guiding by the senses and the images which capture the feeling of this neighborhood of Athens while identifying the diversity and alternation of landscapes. The video was made on the occasion of the participation of Alexandros Zilos and Irini Z. Charitopoulou in the program, Balkans Beyond Borders in the neighborhood: Stories from Pagrati and Agios Artemios in March 2020. The action was implemented on the occasion of “Culture in the Neighborhoods” an initiative of the Municipality of Athens and the Athens Culture Net of the Municipality of Athens.

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Alexandros Zilos & Irene Z.Charitopoulou

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