Who we are

Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB) is a non for profit organisation dedicated to promoting youth mobility and cooperation in the Balkans using the art of short film making and the power of image. Fostering dialogue, interaction and innovative learning among young people in the region, Balkans Beyond Borders aims to contribute to the better future and Europeanisation of the Balkans. Our objective is to improve collaboration between local festivals, film centres and film workshops  in order to create a an inter-Balkan network able to promote efficiently the work of young artists from the region and beyond, as well as the culture and  diversity of the Balkans to an international audience.

Building cultural and social links between young people living in the Balkan region and beyond, through dialogue, interaction and innovative learning

Our story (a short version)

The concept was formed in August 2009 in Berlin, when six young professionals from five different countries of Southeast Europe met and co-worked within the frame of Southeast Europe and the EU Leadership Development Program(LDP). Their aim was to initiate a project that promotes the idea of regional cooperation; and that way, the Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film festival was born.

In June 24th 2010, Balkans Beyond Borders rebuilds the idea of its initial concept and develops around 4 pillars:  Festival, Workshops, Seminars and Networking always aiming at youth motivation, mobility and regional cooperationIt becomes a nongovernmental organisation registered in Greece with a new team consisting of 8 young professionals from Greece, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania and Italy. Its activities cover the whole Balkan region and beyond while at the same time it increases its Ambassadors’ network.

Today, BBB team counts fifteen members (5 members in the core team and 10 Ambassadors) and its volunteers who follow its activities around the Balkans with joy and devotion to its mission.