Our Philosophy 

• Develop the understanding of cultural diversity in the Balkan region and beyond

• Promote intercultural dialogue among both on regional and Pan-European level

• Boost regional cooperation in the Balkans

• Contribute to the integration of the Balkan Region in the EU

• Unify young people from the region towards a better common future

• Develop young people’s practical skills and knowledge, promoting Balkan talents and creativity

Our Goals

•  Organize an internationally recognized thematic short film festival that takes place every year in a different Balkan city and serves as a meeting point for audience and creators

• Organise academic oriented seminars and conferences to contribute to the exchange of documented knowledge through interaction and innovative ways of learning

• Develop a network of skilled individuals, who cooperate, share ideas and actively contribute to the Balkans Beyond Borders idea

• Act as a platform for the familiarization of young Europeans with the Balkan culture and its diversity

• Participate in European and International mobility programmes