The 10th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival “e-motions” will feature a special screening of Scottish short Films under the title BBB FOCUS: SCOTLAND. The screening is in collaboration with the Edinburgh Short Film Festival and it will take place on Saturday, the 19th of October at 22:15 to 23:30 aiming at discovering Scottish stories and culture through specially selected short films by young filmmakers. The screening will follow live music with the Celtic band Noriana.

The Edinburgh Short Film Festival aims to provide a platform where high quality short films made by talented local film-makers can be screened alongside the best in contemporary UK and International short films.

Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival every year alongside to the Competition Programme with Balkan shorts focuses on a specific country/state beyond the Balkans, in order to shed light to young film makers and enhance multiculturalism. After a long journey from Germany to Japan and from Estonia to Austria, this year our FOCUS is on SCOTLAND.

The programme will consist of the films below:

THE WIDER SUN, Sophia Carr-Gomm  15 Mins

SLINGSHOT, Robin Haig 15 Mins

HAUD CLOSE TAE ME, Eve McConnachie  5 mins

FREE PERIOD, Alison Piper 6 mins

SALT & SAUCE, Alia Ghafar 11 mins

NOT REQUIRED BACK, Peter Marsden 7 mins

OOR WALLY, Martin Lennon 12 mins

LOVE CAKE, Eleanor Yule 10 mins


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