12th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival thematic: “Skin to (Screen to) Skin

Skin to (Screen to) Skin

Busy everyday life has always been an issue of disconnection in the late decades but a hug could erase the distance in a minute and bring us closer again. 2020 challenged us. 2020 broke for some the global life, but made us realise more than ever our common heritage and our common vulnerability. We lost touch. We limited ourselves and with this, we limited our senses. We lost the beauty of reading the lips. We faced new challenges that we could never imagine but now we have to confront. In 2020 we experienced loneliness, suffocation, isolation, fear, inequality. 2020 was also about revelation, just like Himalaia was ‘revealed’ again in India in springtime. It was about altered home experiences and new images. It definitely was all about image. We invented numerous ways to get re-connected. Technology was the key in eliminating this physical distance.  Was it enough? Is it enough? In 2021 we won’t go back to globality as we used to know it.

We urge to stay: 

  •       connected with the others
  •       connected with ourselves
  •       connected with our origins
  •       connected with the land we live in
  •       connected with the nature
  •       connected with our present
  •       connected with our senses

 Share with us your feeling of connection or screen connection or a new way of reconnection and let’s re-discover the other, the senses and our society. 

Apply with your short film at the 12th BBB Short Film Festival: