Balkans Beyond Borders, endeavors to encourage further cooperation between the Balkans and the rest of Europe, in an attempt to facilitate the Europeanization of the region. By means of short films, the organization strives for contributing to regional cooperation. Simultaneously, through partnerships with multiple organizations, institutions, and film festivals BBB has the opportunity to promote the Balkans internationally and to create a communication network, connecting the region with the world.

This peculiar year Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival adopts a new form and becomes digital! The 11th BBB Short Film Festival changes destination and instead of going to Izmir, due to the cancelation of all physical events as safety measures for COVID-19 by the Izmir Governorship, it goes DIGITAL. All screenings will be live-streamed on Facebook and Youtube following the Festival screenings programme and will be available only the days of the Festival from 1 to 4 October.

This year, the BBB Short Film Festival takes place in Izmir, Turkey, and is supported by the Delegation of the EU to Turkey.  The EU Delegation to Turkey seeks to intensify the ties between the European Union and Turkey and contribute to the amelioration of their interaction. The Delegation aims to provide mobility opportunities for the locals and to expand their field of knowledge through the coordination of workshops, seminars, public speeches.   In this framework, the Delegation organizes the Human Rights Film Days and Short Film Competition in an attempt to promote the value of Human Rights through art. The festival includes short films, emphasizing the importance of respect and empowerment of Human Rights.  

The 11th BBB Short Film Festival will consist of a special program of screenings, including short films that have been screened at the Human Rights Short Film Competition. Remaining committed to its mission, our organization intends to construct a bridge between film festivals from all over the world and promote their work as much as possible. Hence,  the BBB Short Film Festival is honored to be able to encompass films that illuminate such an important aspect.

The program will consist of the following films:

Lâl (Mute), Cemre Yılmaz,  03:06’

Salvation Rain, Veysel Çelik,  09:56’

Seven days seven nights, Ali Bozan,   03:07’ 

Vatansiz (Stateless), Gökhan Çetin,  08:46’ 

Oyuncak Bebek ( The doll) , Serdal Altun,  10:00’ 

Şeyleşme( Reification), Abdi Cangi,  03:52’ 

Kuyu ( Well), Rıdvan Yavuz,  09:59’

Where you left off, Volkan Güney Eker,  09:55’ 

Yes I Can, Mustafa Koç,  08:07’

With the support of:

EUDelegationTurkey EUHumanRightsSHC