BBB at the “DIALOGUE ON EUROPE” – European Thinking Lab in Paris 2017

BBB represented by Dimitris Maragkos, participateed at the European Thinking Lab in Paris on 24-26 of March 2017 hosted by Das Progressive Zentrum in cooperation with the French partner EuropaNova. During the 3-day workshop, the participants resumed their work into four project topics: Migration & Integration, Populism, Social Cohesion, Sustainable Growth. Dimitris Maragkos was contributor at the Social Cohesion lab.

thinkng lab


Read here Dimitris Maragkos report upon EU mobility programmes and opportunities with title: How to tackle Skill Mismatch and reduce youth unemployment and here the interview he gave to Orange Magazine.

dialogue europe dimitris

“Our main idea is to help young people around the Balkans to be more mobile within the EU, either by using opportunities such as Erasmus +, or through cultural exchange. Every year, we organize a thematic movie festival in a different city in Balkans, which connects youth from across the region.  The project started in 2009-2010, after a youth meeting similar to the one we are having here, during #DialogueOnEurope.  Within this framework, three activists decided to start an organization to help young people get to know each other, find common values, and do this by running their first film festival. We also do a lot of information campaigns, and we try to bring a lot of people from around Europe to tell them about the opportunities here, too.  We want to continue doing the film festivals and get involved with more European programs to make a link between the EU and Balkans stronger.”