BBB Festival Experience Sharing x Ana Jakimska

How BBB artists feel about being a part of BBB Festival team? We asked BBB filmmakers from around the Balkans to share with us their experience participating in BBB Festivals.

Let’s explore what the filmmakers think about BBB Short Film Festival experience.

Ana Jakimska, Director and writer of “Neon Hearts” highlighted the reasons why she loves Balkans Beyond Borders.

How would you describe your experience of participating in the BBB Short Film Festival(s) with one sentence?

What I love about BBB is all the opportunities the festival creates for meeting new people, all roughly at the same place in their careers.

What do you advise someone who wants to submit his/her film at this year’s BBB Short Film Festival?

I have participated in BBB two times with two different projects and I recommend it to all young filmmakers. Being part of BBB is not just a one-time engagement for the duration of the festival – you also become part of a wider network of filmmakers from the region, which is always helpful for your professional growth.