BBB Festival Experience Sharing x Enxhi Rista

Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival is a hub of a growing and sharing experiences community of filmmakers. The filmmakers are those who bring life and inspiration to the Festival and the audience with their creativity.

Let’s explore what the filmmakers think about BBB Short Film Festival experience.

We asked Enxhi Rista, director of the film “He loves my eyes”  to tell us about her experience participating in BBB Festival 2020 sharing her emotions and thoughts.

How would you describe your experience of participating in the BBB Short Film Festival(s) with one sentence?

One of the best experiences of my life.

What do you advise someone who wants to submit his/her film at this year’s BBB Short Film Festival? 

I advise everyone that has a short movie to submit at this year’s BBB Short Film Festival because it is a really good opportunity for every young director to have a screening of their movies in this festival. BBB opens some doors for you and this is the best thing about this festival. It can help you a lot with what is coming next in your professional life.

What is it that you distinguish in BBB Short Film Festival?

I am a really big fan of Balkan cinema. I am writing my PHD in Balkan cinema and for me everything that has to do with this subject is very important. Being part of BBB it feels like being part of this Balkan movie family. It helped me a lot making connections with other directors and of course I can discover subjects happening in Balkan.

I am glad that I had this opportunity and that you liked my short documentary.

It motivates me a lot.

Will you participate in the BBB Short Film Festival again?

For sure!