BBB Focus – Estonian thoughts

At the 9th BBB Short Film Festival Balkans Beyond Borders presents a special focus on Estonian short films in collaboration with the Estonian Short Film Center . It is a collection of Estonian film stories presented by Peter Murdmaa and it will be screened at the 9th BBB Short Film Festival on Saturday, 10 of November at 18.00 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad.

Estonian Short Film Center is proud to present a special selection dedicated to Estonia’s 100th anniversary. In this program, you will discover six Estonian filmmakers who have left their mark on the last decade and have distinguished themselves around the world with their talent and uniqueness.

Here is the programme:

As time goes on, fiction by Moonika Siimets

Master, Animation by Riho Unt

The shift, Fiction by Anu Aun

Manivald, Animation by Chintis Lundgren

The second coming, Fiction by Tanel Toom

Piano, Animation by Kaspar Jancis