BBB goes at the BalkanFest in Thessaloniki 20/02/2015

BBB was honoured to present selected films from previous festivals at the BalkanFest 2015 on Friday the 20th of February at the venue Block 33, organized by the NGO Kids in Action and the online magazine Exostis taking place in Thessalonki. The Festival aims to promote the multicultural character of the Balkans through music, film, dance and taste.

BBB was responsible to cover the filming part of  the festival named “Cine Balkan”. Through its films reached its goal to present once again the cultural mosaic of the Balkan peninsula covering issues from contemporaneity and the past. Balkans is a region full of memories, differences and similarities and borders to be overcomed. Balkans Beyond Borders has selected films from its previous festivals aiming to show all the above and present the work of creators form as many countries as possible from the region.



Budapest Backwards, Jeroen Sebrechts, Belgium Fiction, 10,09 min
Two lovers look back to where their relationship took off… and where it started going wrong. An improvised modern tale set in Budapest, which makes you think about the factors that play a role in an multicultural relationship between a Croatian boy and Hungarian girl.

Escargot , Manueal Sumberac, Croatia, animation, 9,41 min
Two armies of snails fight for the same purpose, the last bud on the stem, but the bud belongs to another world ….

Amel, More Raca, Republic of Kosovo, Fiction, 23 min
Amel is an actress who seeks for her destiny in an audition organized by a foreign production. Finally she gets announced that she got a part in the movie. Amel is lucky, however, is she going to have the same luck also in the world of movies? Her path towards an acting career will be difficult.

In the shadow of the deathless tree, Nail Pelivan, Turkey Fiction 30 min
You spent it in this way, in all places, too/You cannot find a different sea./This city will follow you./You will walk in same streets, again./You will age in same neighbourhood./Your hair will turn grey in same houses./You will come to this city in the end, coming full circle./how you spent your life, in this corner./You cannot find a new country.

Nicoleta, Sonia Liza Kenterman Greece  Fiction 19min
1951: in the mountains of Greece still full of the hatreds of the civil war, a boy, as the head of his family, is responsible for the destiny of his baby sister. Carrying the baby on his shoulders, he treks the inhospitable mountains and braves the dangers of unforgiving people in the hope of escaping poverty.

Travel Express, Natassa Xydi Greece,  Fiction 23miin
Margarita is on her way to taking a holiday on a Greek island. When she misses the boat she finds herself traveling much further away..

Refika, Özge Deniz ÖZKER Turkey Documentary,  11.18min
The documentary film “Refika” is a journey on both sides of the North Aegean in search of a woman called “Refika” whose photograph I come across in Adatepe, the old Greek village in Turkey where the Turks and Greeks lived together before the population exchange between the two people. Hearing different versions of the story about Refika and her love Nazmi, I try to find out which version is the real one. Who is the woman in the photograph? Who is Refika? Who writes history? The final chapter of my journal witnesses how Refika’s story and her supposed picture have been co-modified, and become marketing tools for a local brand.

Call me Barbara, Ana Jakimska FYR. Macedonia Documentary 11
“Call me Barbara” is a short documentary film that looks into the two greatest desires of a 22-year old boy from the suburbs of Skopje: first of all, to become a girl, and then, to become a pop star. Faced with the everyday challenges of the Balkan reality, she tries to remain true to the voice within.

The Verdict, Djuro Gavran, Croatia, Documentary 11min    Sixteen years after the war, in the main square of Zagreb several thousand people gathered to watch a live broadcast of the verdict to Croatian generals. Through a series of close-ups, the film documents the eruption of emotions caused by the verdict.

The Shovel is too small, Nemanja Babic Serbia, Documentary 24min
The film investigates the motivation for work through the shock workers movement and the youth work campaigns. The elderly folk are skeptical regarding the new generations, accusing them of being only after the material benefits. Today, these work campaigns have lost their role of connecting people, so it’s absurd that they seem to be outdated but also inspiring.

Border, Yana Nikolova, Bulgaria, Documentary  20.5min
Life of the people on both sides of the border between Bulgaria and neighbouring country brings its own spirit and culture. Differences and similarities of their points of view, life, common stories or ideas. The sense of humaneness, of neighbourhood, of being separated by one border, one language, one nationality. Are we different, and how? Do we have common habits, thoughts, lifestyle, dreams? At the border – gathering of foreign-language culture. Are our mentalities different? What we have been recently in view of what we are today. One unusual view in absolutely usual neighborhoods with people living very close to each other.

The Invisibles,  Ishak Jalimam, Monika Šimunac, Nita Zeqiri, Petar Antevsk FYR Macedonia 7 Documentary Festival 2014 Engaged and happily in love, these two girls bravely tell the story of their mutual life as a lesbian couple in Kosovo.

I want to know what is like, Alexandra Carastonian, Romania,  Documentary 5min
Diversity is everywhere. In some countries it is less accepted, in others maybe more. This is a short movie about what some members of the Romanian LGBTQ community feel in their daily lives. A movie about how people perceive love and acceptance. A movie about freedom of love and expression. “Through the screening at the BBB Festival, we wish to celebrate the memory of Cristi, a strong activist for the Romanian LGBTQ community who died in January 2013.”

The Aegean or the anus of death, Eleni Giot Greece Documentary 7.21 min
Since 2000 more than 23.000 people from Africa, the Middle East and beyond –war refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants– have lost their lives while trying to cross the borders to Europe. Hundreds of them have drowned in the Aegean Sea. More and more often, migrants are pushed back to Turkey by Greek coast and border guards; their inflatable boats are rammed, knifed, and often capsized.  Jazra Khaleed’s poetry assault is set at five locations in Athens where racist attacks have been reported during the last three years. A film-poem jabbing at the current spread of ordinary fascism in Greece.

Toy Car, Muamer Celik Bosnia and Herzegovina Drama 17 mi
After moving to Chicago in hopes for a better life, a family from Bosnia is on the verge of collapse. Husband and wife drift apart from one another with each passing day. The love between them is long gone and the only thing keeping them together is the cowardice to make that next, obvious and unavoidable step in their relationship – divorce. Their two kids are paying the ultimate price by being stuck in the middle, too young to live on their own, but old enough to be aware of what’s going on around them.

Botev is an idiot, Deyan Bararev, Bulgaria Fiction 8.51min
A high school student Vasko criticizes his society that swears by Bulgarian national hero Hristo Botev and his ideals but at the same time is living in a brutish narrow-mindedness.

Springtime Suns, Stefan Ivancic, Serbia, Fiction 23min
Four boys, friends and cousins, in between adolescence and adulthood, make the most of a summer evening. Divided by distance but reunited by Belgrade, they rememorate the Communist past of their country.

The Dinner, Dimitris Argyriou, Greece, Drama 11min
A couple who seemingly has it all, have dinner at a luxury restaurant. During the dinner, the man announces to his wife that he wants some changes in his life… but is it still time for changes?

Worthless, Nart Zeqiraj, Kosovo, Drama, 11,43min
Three friends hanging around in a cafe, make plans on where to go. Empty coffee cups on the table show that there is some time they are there. Affected by the monotony they begin to tease each-other and passersby.

Beyond the river, Sabir Kanaqi, Albania, Fiction 20min
One old man lives for a long time alone, near the river with a destroyed old footbridge. One day his son comes from abroad to visit him. The longing and impossibility to meet his son, lead him to face a dream.