BBB at Culese din Balkani, Bucharest – Oct.-Nov 2018

BBB traveled to Bucharest participating at the Anthropological Film Festival “Culese din Balkani” (Stories from the Balkans, 4th edition, 29 October- 4th November, National Peasant Museum, Bucharest) and it is co-organized with Global Focus (Romania). The aim of this cultural event was to facilitate access towards the Balkan culture and create intercultural connections. The festival also included a various category of events and activities, such as thematic discussions, Balkan music concerts, photo exhibitions and workshops ensuring openness for a wide audience.

BBB participated at the discussion: ARTISTS IN-BETWEEN BALKAN BORDERS which discussed how political borders are perceived and even shaped by artists, and how cultural cooperation is changing the narratives of the Balkan borders. In recent years, cultural cooperation among all countries in the Balkans flourished and created new spaces for artistic expression, in-between borders and even far beyond all borders. Do cultural projects have the power to transgress them? Are the Balkans still ‘doomed’ to deal with a painful past that keeps them trapped ‘in-between borders’ that no one can dismantle?

Guest Speakers:

Yli Çitaku (film director, Kosovo)

Veroniki Krikoni (co-founder of the Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, Greece)

Veton Nurkollari (co-founder of DokuFest, International Documentary Festival, Kosovo)

Aida Šošić (singer and theatre professional, Bosnia/Romania)

Alex Trăilă (film producer, Romania)

Moderator: Miruna Vlada, writer and researcher specialized on the Western Balkans



BBB also participated with 5 selected short films from previous BBB Festival editions giving the opportunity to the audience to get an overall understanding of contemporaneity and cultural diversity in the Balkan region. The films were from Serbia, Greece, Kosovo, Slovenia and Turkey..